Italy through my Lens

One of the first photos I ever took in Italy is the one shown below from my first trip to Italy in 2004.  I took it because I liked the composition.  Imagine my surprise when I learned from our Tour Guide that I'd taken a shot with St. Peter's Basilica in the background.  I hadn't done my homework before the trip to research the key shots I might encounter and want to take.  Before subsequent trips, I tried to do this but found only a few useful resources on the web.


Italy through my Lens was envisioned to help fill that gap in some small way and provide a way to share my love of Italy.  I am an avid amateur photographer, and being half Italian, naturally fell in love with the country, it's people, and scenery.  I already loved the food!  Throughout Italy though my Lens, I'll share my photos as well as what I've learned while traveling in Italy.


This website will definitely be a work in progress, so check back frequently as I'll be adding to it continuously as time permits.  The "Tours" section will give you a feel for the tours I've taken.  The first part of the website I've completed is the section on my most recent tour, which was a tour of Sicily taken in May 2013.  The "City Scapes" section will let you zoom in on specific cities within Italy.  It's in this section that I'll share specifics about where I found good shots.  The Favorites section is pretty self-explanatory and in the Resources area I'll share everything from photography equipment packing tips to language tips to other useful websites I've found.  I hope you discover you enjoy Italy as much as I do and get some great shots.